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End of the World? No, But Today Is a Good Reminder to Go Travel the World

Happy 12/21/2012: Mayan Apocalypse Day!

If you’re reading this, we can assume the world is still intact. Even though it appears that we lucked out this time, such momentous events do get the travel staff at REI thinking about the world’s greatest destinations. What are your must-sees before the world really does end someday?

REI's End of the World Bucket List:


Belize: Explore the ancient Mayan world. Adventures staffer Dan recommends rafting the Moho River in Belize and visiting the pyramid in Calakmul in the heart of the former Mayan Kingdom. At its peak, Calakmul was home to 50,000 people, and nearly 7,000 structures have been found there.



Peru: Discover one of the world’s great architectural feats at Machu Picchu: Watch the sunrise through the Sun Gate and take it all in atop Huayna Picchu, towering 1,200 feet over the city. Once you’ve made the climb, make sure to check out the Temple of the Moon for an often-overlooked site.



China: See the sheer enormity of what mankind has accomplished. Perch yourself on the Great Wall of China and hike along part of this 5,000-mile structure. Such an achievement came at a steep cost: It’s sometimes called the “longest cemetery in the world” because up to a million people are said to have died constructing it.



Arizona: Get some perspective on life. For a truly unique experience, spend a night at the Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and take a dip in the emerald pools at Havasu Falls. At an average of 5,000 feet deep and 10 miles wide, it ranks as the third largest canyon in the world. With searing summer temperatures, remember your water bottle to stay hydrated and snacks to keep up your electrolytes.



Antarctica: Travel to the ends of the Earth. Take a real polar plunge and check out the aurora australis in Antarctica. Although the continent is covered in ice and contains about two-thirds of the world’s fresh water, it’s actually the driest desert in the world. In the ice-free “dry valleys,” it’s estimated that it hasn’t rained in 2 million years.



Nepal: Visit the top of the world: Mt. Everest. Adventures staffer Jessica recommends lunch at the Hotel Everest View. At 12,729 feet—the highest hotel in the world—it’s sure to be a meal you won’t forget.

Since it looks like December 22 will arrive after all, you’ll have a bit more time to check a few destinations off your list (and we here at REI are happy to help you.)

But what if the world was about to end: what’s the next plane you’d be on? What’s left on your bucket list?

Posted on at 7:00 AM

Tagged: Mayan Apocalypse, REI Adventures and Travel

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Yazir Nauhm

Patagonia, Chile

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Traveling Eric

Nice one!


amazing travel and shots. cool.


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