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Now at REI: Sierra Designs Jacket with Water-Resistant Down Insulation

Every so often we at The REI Blog ask: What’s new and interesting on REI's shelves right now?

The most exciting item this fall and winter may be the Gnar Lite Jacket for men and women ($229) from Sierra Designs. The big news? This jacket features premium 800-fill goose down insulation with DriDownTM, a new water-resistant finish. That’s right, water-resistant down.

How does it work? DriDown is a hydrophobic finish designed to keep rain, sweat or melting snow from soaking in while allowing internal moisture to escape. Per Sierra Designs, it stays dry 7 times longer, retains 34% more loft when exposed to humidity and moisture, and dries 33% faster than untreated down.

gnar lite jacket

Traditional down insulation loses loft and insulating value when it gets wet. By reducing these negatives, DriDown promises to finally expand the range of goose down jackets to rainy and humid climates.

“The Gnar Lite is the first of an exciting new technology here at REI,” says Matt Preece, REI product manager. “DriDown is perfect for the consumer who wants the properties of down, but doesn’t want to worry as much about getting their jacket wet."  

For details about the technology, see a previous REI Blog post about the introduction of DriDown earlier this year in Sierra Designs’ sleeping bags.

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Tagged: DriDown, Gnar Lite, Sierra Designs, goose down, insulated outerwear and jacket

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