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Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Major Disaster

Hurricane Sandy has once again reminded us all of the massive power of nature. Our heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to all those who have been impacted by this storm.

For the rest of us, Sandy can serve as a good reminder to make sure we’re prepared to deal with a major disaster in our own parts of the country.

Your outdoor gear can offer a good start. Items such as headlamps and hand-crank radios can double as emergency gear in the event of power outages, so keep these in an accessible place. Check out the REI Expert Advice article, the Ten Essentials, for more ideas.


Another of our Expert Advice articles, Emergency Preparedness Basics, discusses the 4 basic concepts of emergency preparedness:

  • Storage and retrieval
  • Survival food and gear
  • Copies of important document
  • Maintenance of your supplies

Much of this information comes directly from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) and their excellent website,

In addition, REI stores have been offering free emergency preparedness classes throughout October (under the guise of zombie preparedness). Remaining classes:

Thursday, 11/1: Issaquah, Wash.; Maple Grove, Minn.

Thursday, 11/8: Seattle, Wash.

Use the store locator to check for class availability and to sign up online.

Review this information and get yourself prepared for future emergencies.

Photo of NYC flooding by David Shankbone / Wikipedia.

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