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Theo Chocolate Provides a Sweet Way to Support the Work of World Bicycle Relief

This is multitasking at its finest—eating high-grade chocolate and supporting a good cause at the same time.
Theo Chocolate is a Seattle-based chocolatier founded with an elevated sense of social awareness. Theo describes itself as the first organic and Fair Trade for Life chocolate factory in the U.S., and it lays out its loftiest aspiration in the first sentence of its mission statement: “We’re dedicated to making our world a better place.” Hard to top that.

One of Theo’s trending products is Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, a 3-ounce chocolate bar that: 

  1. blends seriously dark chocolate (70% cacao) with a hint of sea salt, a nontraditional sensory mashup that has been embraced by chocolate hipsters, and

  2. supports the work of World Bicycle Relief, a nonprofit organization.

Based in Chicago, World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through bicycles.

Founded in 2005 in response to a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, WBR has placed more than 116,000 bicycles in the field.
WBR provides bikes that are specially designed and culturally appropriate for their destinations. Following its initial work in Sri Lanka, World Bicycle Relief expanded its efforts to Africa, where the group has trained more than 800 local field mechanics to maintain and repair bicycles.


Children in rural Africa learn from a World Bicycle Relief worker. (WBR photo)

WBR sees its work as potential life-changer in the countries it serves. "A bicycle is an industrial revolution in an individual's life," says one of WBR’s co-founders, F.K. Day. Pretty cool.

Theo’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar supports WBR’s efforts, with partial proceeds (10%) directed to the charity.

The bar’s wrapper, shown above, features photos of 2 teens from Zambia who are benefitting from the mobility supplied by bikes provided by World Bicycle Relief:

• Cynthia (top left), age 18, from Zambia’s Chongwe District;

• Beene (on her bike), 17, from the Kalomo District.

So, if you ever wondered what could possibly be better than chocolate, Theo’s WBR bar looms as the answer.

Tip: Keep this bar in mind if chocolate is part of your gift-giving game plan during the holidays.

Anyone interested in helping World Bicycle Relief put a bike in the hands of a student, healthcare worker or entrepreneur in rural Africa can donate to the cause at

Added bonus: Any direct donation made to World Bicycle Relief before Dec. 31 will be matched by a special group of WBR donors.

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Just saw this story on Theo on 60 minutes? Sunday Morning CBS? Then here my fellows at REI are pormoting them. That's another reason I love you all at REI so much. Thank you for having a conscience and helping us express ours.

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