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The Edge Effect: An Artist's Unique View of Joshua Tree National Park

California’s Joshua Tree National Park lies where the low-elevation Sonoran Desert meets the higher-elevation Mojave Desert—a transitional zone of ecosystems sometimes referred to as an “edge effect.”

Daniel Kukla, a Brookyn-based artist, spent last March at Joshua Tree as part of the National Park Service’s artist-in-residence program. He created this collection of stunning images titled The Edge Effect using a large square mirror mounted on an easel. Each image documents an aspect of the opposing ecological elements he found while hiking and driving through the area.

The resulting effect looks like paintings that are displayed in the middle of the desert landscape. Enjoy this sampling, and be sure to take a look at Daniel’s website to see the entire collection.


Posted on at 2:15 PM

Tagged: Daniel Kukla, Joshua Tree National Park, Photography, artist in residence and national parks

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Nice. At first, I thought it was a photograph on an easel. Mirror? Wow. And the tan boulder really stands out, it has a serious 3D effect to it.

Good work!
Rob J
in San Jose

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What a great idea. It almost looks like it was photoshopped because the mirrored images are so clear.

Peace Love Orcas

This is so cool!! What a great idea.


This photos are amazing! Why don't I ever think of things like this?


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