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Infographic: Let's Hope the Good Folks of Yakutat, Alaska, Have Decent Rain Boots

You can learn a lot about someone by their footwear.

This new REI infographic proves that point by providing lots of fun facts relating to an outdoor standard: rain boots. For example, did you know that the residents of Yakutat, a small southeastern Alaska community near Glacier Bay National Park, get doused with more than 160 inches of precipitation annually? I can only guess how many rain boots per capita they must have.

Rain boots and lightning

Or, did you know that “gumboot throwing” is a serious sport in some nations? It is, and be sure to check out the record distance a rain boot has been tossed.

And how exactly did the Duke of Wellington get his name associated with rain boots (a.k.a. “wellies”)?

At right: A little myth-busting about rain boots and lightning.

Take a look at the full infographic and be sure to share it with your rainy-day (and fair-weather) friends.

REI rain boot infographic

Click on the image above to see the entire infographic.

Posted on at 1:30 PM

Tagged: footwear, infographic and rain boots

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