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New Work from Photographer Scott Rinckenberger

Sometimes when I'm at work I gaze thoughtfully out the window and think about where Scott Rinckenberger might happen to be at that particular moment. I follow the guy on Instagram, and it's clear that he's out on the trail far more than your average human.

On any given day he's likely to be found sessioning trails on a bike, hiking into someplace beautiful or prepping for the next roadtrip. This is exactly why we partnered with him to go out into nature and bring us back fantastic images in order to remind us of why it's great to be an active participant on this lovely planet.

Scott's latest gift to us is a stunning panorama of Washington's Mount Stuart reflected in Ingalls Lake, shot in the wee hours of the morning.


Here's what Scott has to say about this image:

"Last Saturday as I loaded my bike in the car for a day of mountain biking, I decided to run back inside and grab an overnight pack just in case I got inspired to spend the night outside.

"As the fog broke toward midday, I was duly inspired and decided to drive across Blewett Pass and spend the night at Ingalls Pass, a quick but potent backpacking option in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I bivied that night on a rock ledge at Ingalls Pass and set my alarm for 4:30 to make my way to the shores of Ingalls Lake where I shot long exposures in the pre-dawn hours. "

Scott created the final image by stitching 6 vertical frames together in Photoshop. Each image was shot with a tripod on the Olympus E-M5; aperture f/ 5.6, shutter speed 30 seconds, ISO 1250. Worth the early wakeup, I think.

To see more images from this outing be sure to visit Scott's blog.

Posted on at 4:47 PM

Tagged: Mount Stuart, Photography and Scott Rinckenberger

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bbenthin Staff Member

Beautiful stuff as always!

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