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Do Dedicated Bike Lanes Keep Cyclists Safer? Detailed New Study Confirms That They Do

If you or someone you know are trying to persuade your local government to create more bike lanes in your community, here’s some info that could support the cause.

The Atlantic takes an in-depth look a Canadian study that researched how dedicated bike lanes influenced biker safety. Among the findings:

• When compared to a major city street, the chance of injury for a cyclist drops by about 50%, when riding on a similar road with a bike lane and no parked cars.

• The same improvement occurs on bike paths and local streets with designated bike routes.

• Protected bike lanes—with physical barriers separating cyclists from traffic—greatly boost cyclist safety. The study showed in such a setting the risk of injury drops for riders by 90%.

Not surprising, but it’s instructive to see a serious study reinforce the value of dedicated bike lanes.

When riding in or near traffic, what sort of accommodations for bikes make you feel safest?

Photo by T.D. Wood.

Posted on at 12:15 PM

Tagged: Cycling and bike lanes

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Vwatson313 Staff Member

Great to hear that bike riders are safer using the bike lanes. Now build them and they will ride! Our streets here in WA are dangerous for riding on, especially in the suburbs and rural areas.

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