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Bike Commuting: How Does Your State Rate?

As an occasional bike commuter in the Los Angeles area, I know it can feel a little lonely out there at times. I go 20 miles on my route, and I sometimes can count the number of other riders on one hand.

So I was surprised to see that California ranks #7 in bike commuters among all states in this wonky-yet-cool bike commuting infographic by the BikeGuard free bike-registry group (courtesy of Hmm, maybe I’m just in the wrong part of town.

Bike commuting infographic

The infographic below provides both the raw numbers and percentages of bike commuters by state, plus it lists the state funding (on a per-head basis) for cycling- and pedestrian-related projects.

The infographic also compares all states’ ridership head to head and gives links to local cycling resources. Check it out.

But before you click, can you guess which states are at the top and bottom of the rankings?


Posted on at 1:15 PM

Tagged: Cycling, bike commuting and infographic

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