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Meet Scott Rinckenberger, Photographer and Outdoor Adventurer

Hi. My name is Jason and I’m lucky enough to work on the team at REI that goes out and collects great images of people and product in the outdoors. It’s a good gig, and I’ll be bringing you some behind-the-scenes peeks at how we do it in the near future.

Today, however, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be featuring images and stories from photographer Scott Rinckenberger on The REI Blog and social media over the next several months.


Scott’s early career was as a sponsored extreme skier, and he was on a constant mission for more speed, deeper powder and bigger air. With time, his approach to the sport changed. Scott’s skiing became wilderness oriented, each outing more of an exploration.


It was a profound change for Scott. No crowds, no sense of competition for a finite resource. All of a sudden the landscape around him became infinite, and he was was inspired in a new way.

Says Scott, pictured at right on Mt. Rainier: “My art is this inspiration manifested. As I grew more comfortable in the wilderness, more willing to slow down and immerse myself in the grandeur of the environment, I began to attempt to capture the absolute sublimity of places and times so fleeting and rare.”


From my perspective Scott is nailing it, as his images beautifully represent the experience and emotion of being a tiny speck in a wonderfully giant outdoor moment. For me they’re also just ridiculously beautiful to stare at, and they've often served as powerful catalysts for me to gather my gear and head out on adventures of my own.

For this round, I pulled together a few snowy favorites because when fall hits I'm always getting antsy about making turns. In the upcoming months we’ll be sharing new and fresh materials from Scott as he travels around the outdoors, going from season to season and adventure to adventure. To learn more about Scott and to see more of his work, be sure to check out his website. Enjoy!


All photos copyright Scott Rinckenberger Photography.

Posted on at 10:30 AM

Tagged: Photography, Scott Rinckenberger, mountaineering and skiing

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Mike Folden

Looking forward to this!

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Ann B Staff Member

Black and white rocks.


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