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Give Back: National Public Lands Day Is September 29

Mark your calendars. National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is on Saturday, September 29. More than 170,000 participants are expected to volunteer at more than 2,000 parks, beaches, wildlife preserves or forests around the nation.

From Seattle to SoHo, REI teams are partnering with local organizations to host volunteer events that help preserve public lands. Come join us. Visit your local store page to find a NPLD event in your area.

More good news: September 29 is also one of the National Park Service's fee-free entrance days, so volunteers and visitors can enjoy these spectacular lands free of charge.

Grab some friends, give back and have fun at one of these deserving outdoor places!


Posted on at 9:00 AM

Tagged: National Public Lands Day, national parks, stewardship and volunteer

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