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Finding Fearless: Your Chance to Nominate a Real-life Superhero

As a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be a superhero. On certain days I would pretend to be Aquaman or Flash, and other days I was Spiderman or the Hulk. Somehow, some way, I would miraculously acquire the desired super powers. 

Today my standards have changed slightly, but I still aspire to be a superhero. I just define it differently. 

Over the past year, I’ve been fortunate enough to picnic in Golden Gate Park, run along Lake Michigan and paddle the Bronx River. One attribute that each of these beautiful places share is that passionate, talented and inspiring people commit time, leadership and dollars to care for them. 

David Outdoor Steward

Those people are volunteers, and they have become my real-life superheroes.

Parks, beaches, trails, crags and rivers are being cleaned and maintained by hundreds of thousands of volunteers so that everyone can experience the wonders of nature. The combined powers of Wonder Woman and Superman pale in comparison to the collective potency of volunteers.

REI is joining forces with The Case Foundation and Microsoft to recognize, reward and celebrate their work. Finding Fearless is a campaign to identify amazing people (volunteers, nonprofit employees, government employees) who are making positive impacts in their community. Winners will receive funding from The Case Foundation, products from Microsoft and gear from REI. One lucky winner will receive a signature camping trip in Bryce Canyon with REI Adventures. 

Volunteers at REI service project
Volunteers at REI service project

Do you know a real-life superhero that you’d like to nominate? Are you one of those amazing, inspirational people? Join us in nominating real-life superheroes and helping celebrate and appreciate the great work that they do.

All the details and the nomination form can be found on The Case Foundation’s website. Nominations will be closed after 1,000 entries have been received so fill out the nomination form today.

And if you’re looking for ways to get involved, give back and volunteer, go to your local REI store or search for volunteer opportunities on our website. Check out the video below for a little inspiration.

Happy trail building!

Volunteer at REI service project

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