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New to Climbing? New REI Video Teaches Carabiner Basics

Don’t miss the latest video addition to the REI Expert Advice educational library: Carabiner Basics.

Perfect for novice climbers or anyone curious about the sport, our latest how-to video quickly walks you through the key considerations of this basic climbing tool: carabiner shape, type of gate, locking vs. nonlocking, size and weight.


For a more detailed look at carabiners, check out the REI Expert Advice article, How to Choose Carabiners. It is one of more than 300 REI Expert Advice articles designed to help teach you outdoor skills and how to be a savvy gear shopper.

Happy viewing!

Posted on at 2:00 PM

Tagged: Climbing, REI Expert Advice, carabiners and video

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PoL the Man

wow... and i thought they were just keychains. ;)

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Everyone has to start with the basics and they are good for all the years of climbing that you will do.


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