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How Would Your Skills Fare in the REI Camp Cooking Challenge?

If you like to be a little adventurous with your camp meals, then check out the REI Camp Cooking Challenge hosted by the REI Boston-area stores this summer during the 3rd-annual REI Summer Camping Festival.

Three professional chefs were given 1 hour to cook 3 courses using locally grown produce and locally caught redfish supplied by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA). The challenge? They were allowed to use only the consumer-grade camping stoves available at REI, such as a traditional propane camp stove or a canister-style backpacking stove.

REI Camp Cooking Challenge dish

One of the dishes gets prepared at the REI Camp Cooking Challenge.

REI Camp Cooking Challenge finalists

Finalists at the REI Camp Cooking Challenge.

The video below gives you some of the mouthwatering highlights.

REI Camp Cooking Challenge from Cooking in the Great Outdoors on Vimeo.


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Tagged: REI Boston, food and stoves

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