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What's Your Fave Park's Facebook Status? National Parks Steadily Accumulate FB Fans

Here's a follow-up to a question we posed in April: Which national parks have the most Facebook fans?

Early this year the National Park Service issued official guidance for cultivating social media outreach, and several parks subsequently launched Facebook pages. Some parks (Glacier National Park, for instance) were ahead of that curve, creating Facebook pages long before 2012.

NPSSince late April both Yellowstone National Park and Cuyahoga Valley National Park (the latter park near my home turf in northern Ohio) put up Facebook pages. Yellowstone piled up nearly 40,000 fans in a flash; Cuyahoga Valley's page is one of the most active I track.

Of the 20 most-visited parks in 2011, just Olympic, Hot Springs and Joshua Tree do not yet have FB pages. The chart below shows how park fan counts have changed in 3 months, from April 27 to today (July 27):

Rank    Park 2011 visitors     Fans 4/27    Fans 7/27*
   1 Great Smoky Mountains        9,008,830     3,119        7,542
   2 Grand Canyon    4,298,178     1,841        7,390
   3 Yosemite    3,951,393   46,364      65,465
   4 Yellowstone    3,394,326         ---      39,861
   5 Rocky Mountain    3,176,941     7,797        9.751
   6 Olympic    2,966,502         ---            ---
   7 Zion    2,825,505     2,057        7,873
   8 Grand Teton    2,587,437   10,778      15,382
   9 Acadia    2,374,645   23,960      30,988
 10 Cuyahoga Valley (Ohio)    2,161,185         ---          526
 11 Glacier    1,853,564 100,889    116,057
 12 Hot Springs (Ark.)    1,396,354        ---            ---
 13 Joshua Tree    1,396,237        ---            ---
 14 Hawaii Volcanoes    1,352,123       841        1,195
 15 Bryce Canyon    1,296,000       373        7,058
 16 Shenandoah    1,209,883    1,591        3,197
 17 Arches    1,040,758    7,647      10,712
 18 Mount Rainier    1,038,229    1,419        2,755
 19 Sequoia    1,006,583    7,572        9,534
 20 Haleakala       956,989    1,573        2,227

* Numbers of fans as of noon PDT on April 27, 1 p.m. PDT July 27.

A few interesting national park/Facebook factoids:

 • Some park Facebook pages were started years ago by enthusiastic park visitors. In many cases, those sites have been transferred to the parks.

• The main NPS Facebook page (with 128,660 fans) was originally a fan-generated endeavor, and the main NPS Twitter feed is handled by a ranger at Alcatraz Island, part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco.

• It its quarterly earnings report Facebook released Thursday (July 26), the company claimed that as of June 30 it has 955 million monthly active users (not quite 1 billion served), 552 million daily active users and 543 monthly mobile users. Plus: 11 million businesses have a FB pages.

• That's Glacier National Park's Facebook cover photo below, with Mount Cannon, Heavens Peak, Going-to-the-Sun Road, and the Weeping Wall seen from Big Bend.

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Tagged: facebook, national parks and social media

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