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What Electronics Do You Bring Camping?

You may have seen this new Google ad for their Nexus 7 tablet. It shows a father and son using their tablet as a tool to enhance their camping experience.

The video cleverly points out the advantages of having technology be an integral part of our lives—even during a backyard campout. We're guessing dad had a decent WiFi connection here, something that may be beyond the reach of many campground campers and most backcountry travelers.

What technology do you bring along on your camping trips? Camera? GPS? Smartphone? Tablet? Laptop? Do you consider these tools to be indispensable, benign or counter to your idea of outdoor recreation?

Posted on at 1:12 PM

Tagged: Nexus 7, camping, tablets and technology

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An I-phone is 1 of 2 pieces of tech I bring with me at this point. I have a green trails map app and compass on it. It also has a runkeeper app that I log my trip on. I do not consider it essential and I do not depend on it. I carry a real map and a real compass,(along with the other essentials to make "The 10"). I usually only use it as a time saver, but enjoy using and knowing how to use a compass and map. I try not to spend time on it at all. I am in the wilderness to get away from modern hussle and bussle. BUT in the case of wondering off trail by accident, It has been a time saver (and possible a life saver) to find the trail again. And yes you can get off track when your trail is going from snow to dirt to snow. Other than that I carry a small camera, but yet again I am out there to experience wilderness and will only take pictures every now and then. I think here in the tech age we start to loose site of what it is like to experience life. We are getting addicted to tech and do not think we are really experiencing life unless we capture it on an SD card or enhance it with technology. I try to use the gadget to keep me safe and help me tell the story when I get home. Life is lived in community and should not be artificialized (if that is a word) by using tech.

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A phone...a radio, preferably one with WX band.

Jerry Solo

I carry a small, simple, waterproof camera that can take short videos.
I love solo tripping and the time on the water is between me and God, but I want my favorite people who are stuck back in the city to share in the cool stuff I find and get excited about the adventures I have.

And my girlfriend makes me carry the cellphone...


I bring my phone with me =)


And a GPS! =)


Oh and I sometimes bring a camera =)

Justin GWO

Normally just a phone and maybe a radio. The radio mainly for if the weather is bad. If I want music I have it on my phone.


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