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      Infographic: Exactly How Stuffable Is a Sleeping Bag, Anyway?

      Hey backpackers, how much do you really know about sleeping bags?

      REI sleeping bag infographicThis new sleeping bag infographic (click to see it full size) offers an entertaining and informative take on the topic. It's the brainstorm of a group of backcountry devotees here at REI headquarters.

      Their "semi-scientific" research into sleeping bags and stuffability resulted in the following nuggets of wisdom, to name just a few:
      •    An average 30-degree bag using 800-fill-power goose down compresses to the size equivalent of about 7 standard Clif energy bars. Wow!
      •    Down fill power is a measure of down quality while down fill weight refers to down ______?
      •    If you stacked 200 sleeping bags end to end, it would reach to the top and back of a certain Seattle landmark. Can you guess which one? (Hey, no peeking.)

      If you like this REI sleeping bag infographic, be sure to share it with your backpacking friends. And let us know here if you have your own sleeping bag "fun facts" to add to the mix.

      Posted on at 5:07 PM

      Tagged: DriDown, Sleeping bag, backpacking, goose down, infographic and stuffability

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