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Climbing Legacy of Hueco Rock Ranch to Live On

Here's news all you boulderers and climbers will be happy to hear. The Access Fund and the American Alpine Club (AAC) have partnered to keep the iconic Hueco Rock Ranch in climber-friendly hands with new ownership by the AAC.

Located just outside Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site near El Paso, Texas, the ranch is the primary spot for climbers to pitch their tents, pay for a bed or hire a guide when visiting the popular climbing destination.

Hueco Rock Ranch

The AAC will be dishing out over $15,000 to clean and renovate the current structures and tent camping facilities. There are also future plans for new buildings, such as a shower house and community cooking pavilion.

In case you're looking for a new job, the AAC will be hiring an onsite Hueco Rock Ranch Manager. That sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Keep your eyes peeled for a posting on the AAC's Jobs Page.

Photos by Jason Kehl.

Hueco Rock Ranch buildings







Posted on at 7:28 PM

Tagged: Access Fund, American Alpine Club, Hueco Rock Ranch, Hueco Tanks and Rock Climbing

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