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AAA Roadside Help for Bikes Now Available in 3 States; Does the Idea Appeal to You?

Bike got a flat? Call AAA.

At least you can in Oregon, southern Idaho and, as of Sunday (July 1), Washington.

The Associated Press reports that bike-riding AAA members in those locations can call for emergency assistance if their bike breaks down on a road.

AAA won't attempt to repair the bike (not even a flat tire) but will transport you and your bike to your chosen destination—depending on the mileage allotment in your AAA agreement. That can range from 5 to 200 miles.

The report did not indicate if the service would be introduced to other states any time soon. But if it did, would it interest you?

Posted on at 1:31 PM

Tagged: AAA, bicycle and bike commuting

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I've gone through southern Idaho and eastern Oregon on a cross country trip -- and once had so many flats in a day I had no good tubes and no patches left -- so this makes sense. Of course, I often had no cell phone reception in those isolated areas, either.

I worry a little about the service being too expensive if people start using this whenever they get a flat.

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