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      Archive for 'July 2012'

        May the Shade be with You: Tips for Keeping Cool on the Fourth of July

        fileWhat America's current heat wave has taught us: Warmth is nice, but heat can plain old wear us out. Heat, the National Weather Service points out, actually ranks No. 1 among causes of weather-related deaths. That's an eye-opener, and with much of the country broiling as the Fourth of July arrives, heat safety tips offered by the NWS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are worth reviewing: • Avoid overexertion. Schedule activity for morning or evening hours. • Seek out shady ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on July 3, 2012 8:46 PM & Tagged Heat, UPF clothing, sun and sunscreen | permalink | Comments

        How Are Conditions at Mount Rainier This Summer? A Little Snowy at the Moment

        fileOn Wednesday (June 27) fellow blogger Steve T. and I took some out-of-town REI colleagues to visit Mount Rainier National Park. Many of them were seeing the park for the first time. Below I share some snapshots from our trip to: 1) Show you what late-June conditions are like in America's fifth-oldest, 18th most-visited national park (1,038,229 visitors in 2011) and 2) Share our one-day, keep-it-moving, greatest-hits tour of the park; maybe you can use it as an idea-starter for a possible ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on July 3, 2012 2:50 PM & Tagged Mount Rainier and national parks | permalink | Comments

        A Bolt from the Blue: Some Lightning Safety Tips for Lightning Awareness Week

        News flash (not to be confused with a lightning flash): Lightning Awareness Week runs through Saturday, June 30. Test your high-voltage knowledge with this lightning-awareness quiz provided by Seattle television weather forecaster Jeff Renner (chief meteorologist at NBC affiliate KING-TV) and author of Mountain Weather: If a storm that includes lightning quickly develops while you're in high-elevation backcountry, your best move is to descend to a lower elevation. If that's not possible, which ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on July 3, 2012 1:49 PM & Tagged Jeff Renner, Mountain Weather, lightning and weather | permalink | Comments

        Board Nominations Accepted through August

        fileREI is currently accepting nominations for our board of directors for consideration on the 2013 ballot. Member nominee packets can be requested by e-mail ( or by contacting 253-437-7814. The REI board oversees the overall direction of the activities and performance of the country's largest consumer cooperative – with more than 4.7 million active members around the globe. Nominees must have extensive experience in business and leadership – including prior business board experience ...

        Posted by Bethany H on July 2, 2012 8:10 PM & Tagged board of directors, elections, nomination and rei | permalink | Comments

        AAA Roadside Help for Bikes Now Available in 3 States; Does the Idea Appeal to You?

        fileBike got a flat? Call AAA. At least you can in Oregon, southern Idaho and, as of Sunday (July 1), Washington. The Associated Press reports that bike-riding AAA members in those locations can call for emergency assistance if their bike breaks down on a road. AAA won't attempt to repair the bike (not even a flat tire) but will transport you and your bike to your chosen destination—depending on the mileage allotment in your AAA agreement. That can range from 5 to 200 miles. The report did not ...

        Posted by T.D. Wood on July 2, 2012 1:31 PM & Tagged AAA, bicycle and bike commuting | permalink | Comments

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