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Your Thoughts Wanted on The REI Blog

What would you like to see or read about in future REI Blog posts? Please take our quick blog survey, and we'll enter you in a drawing for a $50 REI Gift Card.

For two years now, The REI Blog has been regularly posting stories about the outdoors—everything from news about Half Dome climbing permits to an interview with an REI employee who rode his bike from Alaska to Argentina.
Share your thoughts with us via our blog survey no later than Sunday, June 24, to be automatically entered in the gift card drawing.

Thank you!

Posted on at 1:37 PM

Tagged: REI Blog and survey

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I took the survey and remember seeing a question about whether I'd be interested in writing for the REI blog - and while I'm not, my wife certainly is. Is there an email address or anything I can give her to contact someone to discuss this? Thanks!!

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