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Name That Tune, and Location, in REI Videos

A colleague tells me REI has received inquiries about the locations and music on display in new videos now showcased on the homepage.

We're happy to share, but before we serve up the big reveal, take a shot at guessing the places and the musical backdrops used in the clips. It's fun to imagine being at such lovely places, such as this gorgeous spot:

Hint: All 3 videos were shot in open spaces near Las Vegas. Can you identify specifically which nearby wild spaces were captured in these clips?

Nice to see lots of wild land still exists relatively close to Vegas. Details are coming up after you check out this sweet hiking oasis:

OK, here's the scoop on where these scenes were recorded:

PaddleboardingPaddleboard footage was filmed at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Mountain biking video  was shot in the Bootleg Canyon area near Boulder City.

Hiking scenes were captured in the Red Rock National Conservation Area, just 17 miles west of The Strip.

All the music, meanwhile, was sourced locally from REI's home base of Seattle. HikingYou really know music if you went 3-for-3 on guessing the artists.

Paddleboarding: That's "Follow the Rainbow" from reggae great Clinton Fearon. The man has been working at his craft for 40-plus years.

Mountain biking: The track is "Go" from the trio St. Paul de Vence.

Hiking: While out climbing, one of our MTBvideographers ran into a musician on the trail. One thing led to another, and that's how Bradley Carter's "Angeline the Baker" ended up being the score for this clip.

Heading to Vegas? Maybe skip the slots and think about slot canyons instead. Two REI stores are nearby with crews that are eager to help: REI Henderson and REI Boca Park.

Photos by REI's Damon Parrish.

Posted on at 4:56 PM

Tagged: Hiking, Las Vegas, Mountain biking and paddleboarding

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Yea! I got all three. The steam in the hiking video did cause me to question the Red Rocks, though. I haven't see that yet. Lots of excellent mountain biking around Blue Diamond!

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T.D. Wood Staff Member

Nice going, Riceman. Way to know your desert landscapes.


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