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Did Astronauts Really Eat Astronaut Ice Cream? Would You? (I Know I Would)

Today's question: Did astronauts really eat "astronaut ice cream"?

Ice CreamThe folks at the brainy website Mental Floss today reported yes, American space travelers did eat astronaut ice cream—once, during the Apollo 7 mission in 1968. I wonder if they washed it down with Tang?

I'm not an astronaut, but I can confirm that on many trips into the backcountry ether I have eaten what is more commonly known as freeze-dried ice cream. Neapolitan is my flavor of choice, though I never mind chomping on any of 3 types of ice cream sandwiches this website offers, particularly Backpacker's Pantry's mint version.

I've learned that if you ever want to get a conversation going in camp, just bust out a package of freeze-dried ice cream. Everyone has an Neapolitanopinion on the stuff—mostly favorable, as indicated by the 4-star reviews the various products (from Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry) pull on

Maybe I'm just delusional due to too much fresh air, but I've found if you give freeze-dried ice cream a few transformative seconds in your mouth, whoa, it's downright delish. Naysayers, meanwhile, seem to prefer gnawing on bark.

That's OK; their point of view just leaves more for me. I'm a fan. How about you? Anyone ever tried the roll-around ice-cream maker for campgrounds from Camper's Dream? What other tricks have you learned for getting your ice-cream fix on camping or hiking trips?

Meanwhile, if you're planning to call up Major Tom or another Space Oddity to check out Tuesday's (June 5) transit of Venus (earthlings won't have another chance to see Venus pass in front of the Sun until December 2117; see the NASA video below), maybe snack on some astronaut ice cream to max out the otherworldly vibe of the occasion.

Posted on at 3:31 PM

Tagged: Backpacker's Pantry, Mountain House, astronaut ice cream and ice cream

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