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New Infographic Serves Up Some Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Running Shoes

Some colleagues have assembled a one-sheet guide to the basics of running shoes, and it can serve as a handy quick-reference tool for people on the prowl for new running footwear.

It's worth a look if you're curious about the answers to these questions:

1. Runners with high arches tend to:
• Overpronate
• Underpronate

Runners2. On average, running shoes deliver optimal performance for up to:
• 250 miles
• 500 miles
• 750 miles
• 1,000 miles

3. The term for the stiffened threading tip of a shoelace is:
• Placket
• Aglet
• Umlaut
• Furbelow

4. A good time of day for trying on shoes is:
• Early (feet are more sensitive)
• Late (feet have swollen to their largest size)

5. The number of bones in a typical foot and ankle is:
• 21
• 26
• 31
• 36

The all-knowing infographic tells all; click to attain enlightenment.

Meanwhile, we're curious to know: What have your years of running taught you about shoes and your feet?

Photos by Yitka Winn.

Posted on at 12:47 PM

Tagged: infographic and running shoes

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