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Is This How You Roll? National Bike Month Begins Today

National Bike Month begins today. So, are you ready to ride?

BCNews that that May is National Bike Month may leave some people on the fence instead of in the saddle. If so, here are 2 sources of potential inspiration to bust out the 2-wheeler this month:

1. A website from the publishers of Governing (which analyzes government data for policymakers in state and local governments) looked at recent U.S Census Bureau estimates and assembled a top-10 list of American cities with the highest percentage of bike commuters. Items of interest:

• The champ: Davis, Calif. (22.1%), followed by Boulder, Colo. (9.9%), Eugene, Ore. (8.3%) and Berkeley, Calif. (8.0%).

• An estimated 730,000 Americans bike to work as their primary means of transportation, a 50 percent increase from 2000. Large gains are reported in Denver; Portland, Ore., Washington, D.C., and Tucson.

• Ultimately, less than 1 percent of Americans bike to work. Figuring some people might just need a little inspiration, REI created the following video to show anyone can be a bike commuter:

• How does your city stack up? At the bottom of the article from Governing is a clickable map that offers estimated breakdowns of transportation choices in a few hundred U.S. cities. Check to see if your city is included.

DP2. Some people are long-time converts to bike-commuting, and that group includes one of my fave REI coworkers, Doug Peterson. Doug, a native of Minnesota, is a product manager for bike accessories and car racks at REI, and he has been a bike commuter since third grade

Every day since 1997, when his daughters were out of elementary school, Doug has been riding 12 miles round trip to REI's headquarters campus south of Seattle every day, including a big-grunt climb up a long, steep hill during the afternoon commute.

Doug declines to ride on the rare occasions when snow falls on his route, but neither rain nor dark of night intimidate him.

"I always look at the positives," he says. "If it's raining, I never overheat. If it's dark, I have so many lights on my bike that it looks like a UFO, so I'm pretty visible out there. Besides, I'd always rather be riding than stuck in gridlock."

Dates to remember during National Bike Month:

• The inaugural National Bike to School Day (May 9).
• CycloFemme, the International Day of Women's Bicycling (May 13).
• National Bike to Work Week (May 14-18).
• National Bike to Work Day (May 18).

Plus, the National Bike Challenge runs May 1-Aug. 31.

Are you in?

Posted on at 1:32 PM

Tagged: Cycling, bicycle and national bike month

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Fredric L Rice

Another great blog. Yeah, Boulder, Colorado has a massively strong bicycle community, not just young punks but damn near every demographic. Major Colorado vacation and tourist-type areas have dedicated considerable tax revenues, time, and effort to develop bicycle routes which bring in even more customers for food marts, allowing distance bike riders to not worry about carrying in food and drink on their backs.

Here in Southern California starting at Seal Beach and going to the base of the San Gabriel Mountains we have a 38-mile-long bicycle path -- the San Gabriel River Bike Trail. The annual number of people who take sections of it every is staggering -- from 50,000 to 70,000 according to studies. The number of people who take it end to end is also high -- several thousand.

But it's the ability to pull off the bike trail, stop in at a shop and down some cold drink, rest a while, and then get back on that helps being revenue to shops along such routes.

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I would love to ride to work. I do on occasion. Last April when I got this new job I bought a bike as a means to get in shape and save gas money. I work for a school system but I work over the summer so I would plan a few days where I would ride in or ride home. During the school year though, you would have to be suicidal to ride these roads. I have done it a few times but even Police don't obey the 3ft law about passing cyclist-well at least one didn't-a K9 Unit truck. It is 8.6 miles each way. 5 miles of it is rather hair raising. With this being such a small community, you would think they would add more bike lanes so people and students could ride to work and school. we have 1.7 miles of bike lane and that is all. Hopefully when they repave some of these roads they will add bike lanes. And Maybe I can get the coach to stop storing junk in the shower in his office so i can use it. On the upside, I have seen a lot more cyclist in the past year since I got my bike...don't know If I inspired them or the gas prices but I think they would find it worth while.


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