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Born to Run: Stray Dog Hoofs It 1,100 Miles Across China in the Company of Cyclists

Run, Little Sa, run.

Meet the Forrest Gump of canines, a small white stray (breed unknown) that earlier this month latched onto a group of touring cyclists in China.

Over 20-plus days, the pooch tagged along on a journey that covered 1,100 miles (1,700 Little Sakilometers) and climbed a dozen mountains, a few higher than 14,000 feet.

As reported by ABC News (whose story includes a brief video clip), approximately 300 riders joined together to commemorate a graduation and undertook a cross-country ride from China's Sichuan province to Tibet. A few members of the group spotted the dog early in their journey and offered it some food.

The dog decided to stick with the riders and was quickly embraced by the cyclists as the group's mascot. Riders named it Xiaosa (Little Sa). It is believed the dog, despite its short legs, ran most of the distance. Riders eventually fashioned a rear-rack cage for the pup where it rode during speedy downhill cruises so it would not be left behind. 

A BBC video report (sorry we're unable to embed it, click to view) provides a nice perspective on the relationship built between the dog and the riders, one of whom reportedly has plans to adopt the little guy. Another good angle is provided by The Telegraph from the UK.

In a month that has already given us a Supermoon, we can now add a Superdog to the highlight reel. Maybe on the journey Little Sa had this Gumpism running through his canine mind: "From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running." 

Posted on at 6:23 PM

Tagged: Cycling, dogs and touring

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Very cool! Did someone eventually bring the pup back to the states?

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