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Tune in Live Next Week to the REI Annual Members' Meeting

Mark the date: This year marks the first time you can watch a live webcast of the REI Annual Members' Meeting. The 2012 meeting will be held from 7 to 8pm, Pacific time, on Wednesday, April 25 from the REI Seattle store. Puget Sound-area members are welcome to join the meeting in-person (please preregister online here).

Follow the link from the Membership tab at to hear the co-op's Board Chair John Hamlin and President and CEO Sally Jewell detail highlights and financial performance from 2011 and share insights into our plans for the coming year. Learn the results of the board of director elections as 3 of the 10 director seats are to be decided. If you are an active REI member who has not yet cast your ballot, you have until the end of today (April 18) to vote online.

Members can submit a question in advance of the meeting by contacting REI's board of directors at (please note that we won't be taking live questions from web participants). Or you can tell us now: What would you like to hear from REI's board of directors or executive team? We'll do our best to collate your responses for the board's consideration.

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