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Available Now: The World's Best First-Aid Kit

Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS

First-aid kit How the heck should I know? anyone

what factors should you consider when you are shopping for a first-aid kit?

How many people will rely upon your kit
Will the kit be the only source of first-aid supplies?
What is the activity
Do you or anyone in your party have special medical requirements?
Where are you going?
What access will you have to definitive medical care?

it's up to you first-aid kits and supplies

More of these:

Fewer of these:

Maybe one of each of these:

Definitely none of these:

WMI of NOLS First-Aid Checklist How to Choose a First-Aid Kit

Posted on at 5:37 PM

Tagged: WMI of NOLS, Wilderness Medicine Institute and first-aid kits

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Might seem silly, but I actually bought a NOLS WMI field guide. It's small, lightweight and durable. I have a copy I keep backpacking, one in my home first aid kit, and one in my car first aid kit. It's great to have a reference for when you forget or just need a refresher.

And I even keep a blister kit in my backpack/purse wherever I go just in case those new pair of shoes decide to give me grief.

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I would have to say, the best medical first aid kit out there is the one you know how to use. You could buy all kinds of high tech first aid equipment, but if you cant use it, it becomes useless.


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