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Gorgeous Lava Photos: The Low Spark of High-Vis Magma

Walking in the fluid landscape of an active volcano offers some terrific photo opportunities, as displayed in a photo gallery (by Miles Morgan) published this week by The Telegraph of the United Kingdom. Click and enjoy.

Decades ago I spend a couple of weeks meandering craters and lava fields in and around the Kilauea Caldera at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, on Hawaii's Big Island, where Morgan took his gorgeous shots. Roads and beaches that existed during my visit are, alas, mere geologic footnotes now.

True story: I camped 2 nights in a hammock on the upper level of a double-decker English tour bus that somehow had been dropped off on an home site of an abandoned planned "master community" to be known as Hawaiian Gardens. (Abandoned because someone finally realized the proposed development lay directly in a potential outflow path for Kilauea's vplcanic runoff.)

The bus's occupants, a pair of cheerful squatters, kindly invited me, a stranger, in for a couple of nights. That was fun. I spent the second night watching a pulsing volcanic glow brighten and diminish, over and over, just beyond a ridgeline. I hiked out the next morning, and a few days later on the north end of the island locals relayed news accounts to me that most of Hawaiian Gardens had been paved over by a major lava flow. Good timing on my part.

What's your best close-encounter-with-a-volcano story?

Photo below courtesy of the National Park Service.

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Tagged: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, lava, national parks, photos and volcanoes

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Great pics!

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I remember me and my friends driving down to Kilauea volcano one night. We drove down to where the lava goes to the ocean. The view was nice, you see the red glow from the lava and the stars in the sky.


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