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When Snow Becomes a Canvas: Fascinating Airborne Scenes of Art Etched into Snow

Earlier this month we marveled at the here-today, gone-tomorrow sand art creations of Jim Denevan. Some imaginative folks are taking a similarly artistic approach with snow. 

First, San Francisco-based artist Sonja Hinrichsen is fond of creating snow drawings, and the following videos of work she created near Steamboat Springs, Colo. (and described in a report by local media), were filmed by aerial videographer Cedar Beauregard:

Meanwhile, the International Business Times offers a number of photos by European artist Simon Beck, who originally created spirals and abstractions in the snow as a form of exercise. If only all workouts yielded such worthwhile results, as illustrated in this example of his work:

Simon Beck snow artPhotos by Simon Beck (above) and Cedar Beauregard (below).

Posted on at 5:03 PM

Tagged: Snow and art

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