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New Ski Resort Amenity: World's First Ski-thru Starbucks

Coffee on the go is popular at drive-thru coffeehouse chains. So why not on the ski hill, too?

That's right, at California's Squaw Valley ski resort you now don't even have to take off your skis or snowboard to enjoy a Starbucks brew. The world's first ski-in/ski-out Starbucks franchise opened Feb. 10 at Squaw's Gold Coast mid-mountain complex.

Ski-thru Starbucks at Squaw ValleyThe first 10 days of business have seen a "really positive reaction" from skiers and snowboarders, according to Amelia Richmond, Squaw Valley's public relations manager.

Just don't look for skiers and riders attempting to drink a latte as they glide down the mountain, though.

"The Starbucks is located mid-mountain near an intermediate chairlift," notes Amelia. "Most folks seem to be drinking their coffee in front of the Starbucks or taking it with them to drink as they ride up the chairlift." She notes that the Starbucks offers a traditional indoor sitting area, too.

While it may be a lean winter for snow in much of the USA, it's nice to see that ski resorts keep innovating.

Photo above by Hank deVre, courtesy of Squaw Valley ski resort; photo below by Squaw Valley.

Posted on at 5:07 PM

Tagged: Snowboarding, Squaw Valley, Starbucks and skiing

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