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The Other-Worldly Side of Nature: Have You Ever Had a Close Encounter Outdoors?

Bigfoot. Vortexes. A hidden civilization. UFOs. All centered around one mountain?

A detailed Los Angeles Times story takes an intriguing look at the folklore that surrounds Mount Shasta, a 14,162-foot peak that sits south of the California-Oregon border near the southern end of the Cascade range.

People make interesting associations with standout natural formations such as Shasta. Sightings of unexplained phenomena seem to ramp up in beautiful outdoor places. The red-rock community of Sedona, Ariz., for example, is also known as the home of multiple vortices, or zones of intensified energy.

MeteorI've hiked in Sedona's surrounding mountains and canyons many times, and locals like to humorously point out that a negative vortex is said to lie close to the community post office, where the town's traffic often knots up in a congested bog.

The article discusses one Shasta-area resident who offers vortex tours and "spiritual journeys into Telos, the sparkling refuge said to be beneath the mountain, inhabited by lanky beings who fled the sinking continent of Lemuria 12,000 years ago."

Shasta, of course, is also a magnet for hikers, photographers and climbers attracted by its grand scenery and challenging terrain. "We're a normal town," a resident of the nearby city of Mt. Shasta told the newspaper. "We have a hospital. We have a grocery store."

Yet more than a few residents have tales of Yeti (Bigfoot) and UFO sightings. This leads us to ask our readers: While pursuing adventure in wilderness settings, have you ever encountered anything you consider other-worldly? Something potentially paranormal?

We're not out to judge anyone; we're just curious. In the hundreds and hundreds of nights I've spent in the backcountry, I've never encountered anything more out-of-this-world than some shooting stars. But maybe you have a more interesting story to share. If so, please, do tell.

Posted on at 4:23 PM

Tagged: Mount Shasta, UFOs and bigfoot

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Brazil on the Hill

I lived for a 6 month period in the Ozarks in North Arkansas, many people there claimed to have seen Big Foot. I always wished I could have added my name to that list. The best thing I have seen in nature is the Northern Lights and a Russian satellite entering the atmosphere.

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