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Freebie Alert

Need a last-minute getaway this weekend? Think about a national park—or any federally managed public land. No entrance fees will be charged at any of them Saturday through Monday (Jan. 14-16), which is Martin Luther King Day.

All other fees (campground fees, tour fees and other concession fees) remain in effect. In this mostly snow-free winter, here is the forecast for Saturday (based on projections from or NOAA) for 10 random national parks:

Park Forecast
Acadia  27&mdegree;F, snow showers
Badlands 48&mdegree;F, sunny
Death Valley 73&mdegree;F, sunny
Everglades 68&mdegree;F, few showers
Great Sand Dunes 42&mdegree;F, sunny
Haleakala 58&mdegree;F, scattered showers
Olympic 36&mdegree;F, showers
Yellowstone 24&mdegree;F, mostly sunny
Yosemite 48&mdegree;F, sunny

57&mdegree;F, sunny

Posted on at 3:19 AM

Tagged: entrance fees, federal lands, free and national parks

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