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1,700 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail Squeezed into an Entertaining 3-Minute Clip

Thanks to the website Pete Thomas Outdoors for alerting followers to a video created by hiker Kolby "Condor" Kirk that imaginatively sums up the 1,700 miles that Kirk traveled last summer on the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail.

In his report, Thomas, former outdoor writer for the Los Angeles Times, includes many details of Kirk's walk, including the fact that the hiker from Bend, Ore., dropped 90 pounds during his 5-month trek. If you have yet to see this clip, enjoy…

Photo below from along the PCT by T.D. Wood.

Posted on at 4:11 PM

Tagged: Kolby Kirk, Pacific Crest Trail and video

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Amazing scenery (and a nice surprise at the end!). Cool pics and congrats on the miles, pounds off, and especially the beard!

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Didn't this guy work at the OakBrook Terrace, IL REI in the mid-'90s?


Nice! Got a kick out of it! Glad he lightened up at the end.

B Rey

Hah - great video! I agree - very imaginative. Thanks for sharing!


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