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Must See: Great Outdoor Videos from 2011

Thinking about the year that was, we present a rewind of some of the best outdoor-oriented videos (in no particular order) we ogled in 2011. For optimal bedazzlement, we suggest viewing in full screen and HD; maybe even cue them up on the flat screen.

All promotional videos (this one for tourism in Finland) should be this good:

A timelapse view of the Canary Islands, with some amazing cloud sequences, by photographer/videographer Daniel Lopez of Spain:

This was a huge internet hit when it debuted in April—The Mountain (filmed on and around Spain's tallest mountain, El Teide), by Norway's Terje Sorgjerd:

A promotional trailer for TimeScapes, the debut film of photographer Tom Lowe:

A lovely look at Oregon; a Q&A with the creators of the production appeared in a Nov. 30 post on The REI Blog.

Landscapes: Volume Two by Dustin Farrell (gorgeous; in case viewing becomes choppy, try the Firefox browser):

At The REI Blog, we're big fans of videographer Yosemite Steve and his artfully interpretive Yosemite Nature Notes short-film series. His 2011 output included a study of the glow-in-the-flow phenomenon of Horsetail Fall, a close-up look at high-elevation flora (Sky Islands), and a fascinating feature on waterfalls after dark, Moonbows:

An homage to the Wilderness Act of 1964:

And finally, a timelapse view of earth from the International Space Station at some point between August and October, from a height estimated at 218 miles (350km).

Like, wowsa. Lots of beautiful reminders that life is really, really good when you're outdoors, even when it's seen from outer space. Did one clip in particular emerge as your favorite?

Photo below: Upper Yosemite Falls bathed in moonlight, courtesy of Steven Bumgardner (Yosemite Steve).

Posted on at 1:47 PM

Tagged: El Teide, Yosemite, timelapse and video

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These are great, but Attenborough's "Wonderful World" from the BBC Frozen Planet series is worth including:

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Watching these amazing videos is a treat to the eyes.

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Watching these videos is really a treat to the eyes.



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