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Less is More (and Newsworthy): REI Packaging Makeover Gets Recognized

REI's packaging-reduction efforts continue to gather attention and elicit admiration, as this article published today (Dec. 22) in the British national daily The Guardian explains. 

Among the article's highlights:

•    How recycled plastic hangers helped shrink the environmental impact of REI-brand product hangtags.

•    A look at the little things—twist ties, plastic bags, tape and staples—and their roles in packaging reduction.

•    More on REI's strategy for slashing the use of paper and plastic in its packaging.

This October post in The REI Blog dives into more of the ways REI is reducing it packaging.  We're happy to see others have noticed, too.

Photo below: Examples of REI's streamlined packaging.

Posted on at 8:09 PM

Tagged: environmental impact, packaging and sustainability

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A Dub

Why are the REI stuff sacks now in Packaging? They used to be displayed 100% packaging free. Now they are all individually wrapped in little boxes. Seems contrary to the point of this article.

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When I first saw your headline, I thought REI was going to make a significant move towards promoting and carrying appropriate products for lightweight and UL backpacking... A well, a boy can dream ...


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