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Eye-Popper: Gorgeous Timelapse Video of the American Southwest

Behold, another feast for the senses, this one courtesy of Tom Lowe, a photographer and filmmaker named 2010 Astronomy Photographer of the Year by the Royal Observatory Greenwich in England. (Yep, it's that Greenwich. The observatory, south of London, is the home of Greenwich Mean Time and world's Prime Meridian,)

The video below is an outtake from what will be Lowe's first film, Timescapes, described as a portrait of the American Southwest. A mix of urban and natural imagery, it's Lowe's eye for natural beauty and dramatic night skies that make my heart swoon.

Below is a earlier trailer Lowe released for his film:

Photo below: Tom Lowe filming a waterfall scene for Timescapes.

Posted on at 4:34 PM

Tagged: Tom Lowe, timelapse and video

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This was just breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel... intrigued and humbled, just by watching those two brief clips!

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