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REI Comes to SoHo: A Video Preview of the Puck Building

What's going on inside the Puck Building in New York City?

Last week, we shared a video of REI SoHo employees volunteering in each of the five boroughs. This week, we deliver a sneak peek inside the historic Puck Building, home to REI's soon-to-be-open SoHo store, our first in New York City.

Our employees and construction partners are focused on carefully restoring and refurbishing many elements of this beautiful location. Unique features include flywheels from steam engines that originally powered printing presses to printing tablets discovered during construction. Check out our renovation efforts in the video below.


Built in 1885 and expanded eight years later, the Puck Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and received designation by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission the same year. It was once the lithography and publishing industry's largest building in the world, home to J. Ottmann Lithographing Company and Puck Magazine, named after the Shakespearean character. Current tenants include the New York University's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and architecture firm Swanke Hayden Connell.

In recent years, the first floor of the building – REI's retail space – hosted a variety of New York signature events. Have you attended a wedding, prom or other notable event there? We invite you to share a photo from a past event at the Puck Building to help us celebrate the building's legacy. Participants will receive a reclaimed crystal from one of the ballroom's chandeliers.

Be sure to visit REI SoHo during our grand opening starting December 2 to see how we transformed this unique location and take part in the celebration.

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Tagged: New York City, Puck Building and REI SoHo

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FYI: It's the building that "Grace Adler's" interior design firm is in on sit-com Will & Grace. Images of bldg pop-up in almost every episode!

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Very unfortunate that people don't understand the great value of a irreplaceable steam engine that helped start the Industrial Revolution. This wonderful machine lasted 100 years only to be scrapped except for the flywheel and govenor. Wouldn't it have been more impressive to layout the store around the whole engine? It would have been much more impressive! Yes I know, it would have taken up more retail space but it would have set a wonderful example to other building owners in NYC to follow your lead. I have saved a few of these relics for a steam museum hear in upstate NY, so I know the value of these machine. To cut them up is a crying shame since they survived this long.


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