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Popular New Apps for Ski, Snowboard and Snowshoe Adventures

Round 6 of our smartphone apps review: This time around, rockin' apps for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other snowbound adventures.

Winter weather can be rough. So it's no wonder why many of the best apps focus on real-time ski slope status and weather reports. Even better, there are also snow apps that are just downright fun. Take your pick from the roundup below you get out on the snow.

(Safety reminder: When traveling through the winter backcountry, your only sure navigation tools are GPS technology paired with an old-school map and compass. Alas, your smartphone still is limited by reception and battery life.)

REI Snow Report appREI Snow Report is an all-new iPhone/Android app launched by REI to help you make the most of your time on the mountain. The app lets you check in with multiple ski resorts (out of a worldwide database) via GPS. It also offers a 5-day forecast and reports the amount of snowfall received during the previous 2 days. The status of trails (open? closed?) reaches you by push notification. Planning the juiciest runs is easy with simple-to-read trail maps that indicate snow depth at the mountain's base and top. Another perk: It's easy to update skiing/snowboarding buddies with weather reports via Twitter and Facebook. The ability to view resort webcams (when available) is pretty darn sweet, too.
Price: Free

SkiTrailMaps Pro appSki TrailMaps ProSki TrailMaps Pro may focus on the tried-and-true ski and snowboard app features like weather reports, resort info and performance stats—but it has a kicker. This Android app shines with a robust library of offline trail maps to back you up during off-the-grid ski, snowboard and snowshoe action. The app comes with 1,000 worldwide maps. Although I'm used to visually sharper topographical maps, Ski TrailMaps Pro's collection still does the job. It's a smart backup app to have if you get disoriented in the backcountry.
Price: $1.99

SkiTips appsSkiTips 1, 2 and 3 are the mobile versions of Mr. SkiTips (a.k.a. ski guru Martin Heckelman) tutorial DVDs. Each Apple app includes a lineup of 30 lessons, plus safety and self-correction tips. SkiTips 1 and 2 cover beginner/intermediate fundamentals and intermediate/advanced techniques, respectively. SkiTips 3 coaches you in off-piste skiing. These straightforward lessons are split into video chapters to keep learning simple. Granted, nothing beats in-person coaching and good ol' experience, but these supplemental lessons can be a great use of your time during breathers on the lift or back at the lodge.
Price: $3.99 each

Trails appTrails is an Apple/Android virtual guide fit for any snowy trek. It brings you all the 49,000 customizable trail suggestions that you can find on REI Guidepost, but in one portable package. Just filter your search by backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and/or snowshoeing for excursion recommendations near you. The app then lists your nearest locales, topped with trail info (trail history, activity level, etc.), maps (satellite/topographical), conditions, reviews and driving directions. Bonus: This app stays useful even after the snow melts. Come spring, just start filtering by warm-weather activities such as hiking, camping, paddling and more for choice spots. Insider tip: If you're craving the full app version, you'll need an annual subscription to—the REI member discount price is $29.95 (40% off!).
Price: Free

Ski Tracks appSki Tracks is a nifty Apple tool for skiers and snowboarders interested in monitoring their runs. Not only does the GPS-enabled program track you on satellite map, it records your speed, time, altitude, slope angle and other performance data. You can pause and resume tracking at any time, plus the run-by-run mode lets you isolate run data for comparison. Bonus: Its integrated snapshot feature lets you geotag runs, too. And the end-of-day 3D playback through Google Earth is oh-so-satisfying to watch, even sweeter to share.
Price: $0.99

Hungry for more smartphone apps for your outdoor fun? Our app overviews for general outdoor use, camping, hiking, paddling and cycling are full of apps that can be useful for snowsports, too.

Ever play in powder with a smartphone? Which snow-friendly apps are top in your book?

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You need an Android Honeycomb version of the REI Snow Report app. It isn't compatible with my Android tablet.

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The "Colorado Peaks" plugin for the Layar app uses your phone's video camera and overlays an icon with the name and info of the top 100 peaks in Colorado. Pretty cool for $1 when you're wondering what peak you're looking at.


Thanks for the article. Just installed ski tracks and eagerly waiting to try it out!

Joe Skier

Maprika - GPS on ski maps is great for snow sports! Shows where you and friends are on trail map, resort news, snow reports and more! Free.


Individuals have long relied on the Television weather prediction, the newspaper or a search engine to predict whether or not it will snow, but now there is an application for that. For individuals wishing for snow to coat the hills and those who need to know when they will be shoveling, there are some good snow applications for cell phones. <a title="Snow apps abound for powder hounds and reluctant people who shovel" href="">Snow apps abound for powder hounds and reluctant people who shovel</a>. For people wishing for snow to coat the slopes and those who want to know when they'll be shoveling, there are some great snow apps for smartphones. There's also a function that will keep the alarm from going off entirely if dangerous amounts of snow fell.


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