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Popular New Apps for Cycling

Posted on at 1:47 PM

Tagged: Android, Apple, Cycling, apps, bicycle and smartphone

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What about Google's MyTracks app for Android phones that's free? :) It supposedly tracks elevation gain, distance, and avg moving speeds.

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I've been using CardioTrainer for Android. Tracks routes and calories using Google maps. It works pretty well, doesn't do a great job with elevation change though.


The FREE Singletracks app for iPhone ( and Android is a must-have app for mountain bikers! Find nearby trails, add photos, reviews and check-in. The best app for MTB out there!


+1 for Google's MyTracks. I've been using it since before Google bought it from the developer. I've tried CardioTrainer, iMapMyRide, and a few lesser-known Android apps, but MyTracks is what I keep coming back to. It gives you allllllmost everything you'd want in an app.

The only thing I wish it had would be for viewing real-time position from a desktop computer (so someone could see where you were if you didn't arrive at your destination). I think MapMyRide does this, but believe it's one of their premium features.


Endomondo Pro ($5 on Android Market).

The graphical summary page is awesome!


I have been using a Runkeeper on my Iphone. Since I do multiple sports I can track all of them on this app. It works like a social network giving you a street team of people you know through FB, Google and the such. Then pits you against them to go and do activities. ranking you according to who has done more activities. It allows you to encourage your friends and comment on their activities. You can listen to music while you do the activity (mindful of whether that is safe to do or not) and it will spit stats out on your performance as you go. You can post to FB, Twitter or the like when done with the event. It gives you a track on google maps with elevation rise and fall. pace, and pauses. along with a bunch of other stats if you choose to upgrade from free version to pro. I have tried several bicycle apps and keep coming back to this one as my preferred based on its multisport flexibility and ease of use functions.


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