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Making Outdoor Videos: How Do They Do That?

Ever watch videos of natural landscapes and wonder how on earth videographers capture those fluid pans of the scenery where the camera appears seemingly in flight? Yosemite National Park videographer Steve Bumgardner shared a few of his techniques in a video he posted this week on his blog.

The REI Blog is a big admirer of the artistic spin Bumgardner (aka Yosemite Steve) applies to his interpretive studies of human and natural influences on Yosemite. Far more refined than the shaky clips park visitors record on point-and-shoot video devices, Bumgardner's short-film series, Yosemite Nature Notes, consistently reveals Yosemite in its most evocative light.

All it takes is a sophisticated eye and the willingness lug some weighty and cumbersome camera gear (a 5-foot camera track?) into the backcountry, as Bumgardner's post and behind-the-scenes video, filmed on Monday, explain:

Bumgardner's techniques, and gear assortment, have advanced during his tenure as park videographer. He shared another behind-the-scenes look at his methods after releasing a film about Yosemite's "moonbows," as reported in this past REI Blog post.

For an additional sampling of his talents, check out one of his later finished projects, such as this study of the Horsetail Fall phenomenon, which is viewable for a short span each February.  Good stuff.

Photo below, taken Monday near Cathedral Lakes, courtesy of Steve Bumgardner.

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Cool! I didn't know there was moonbow at Yosemite. There is a predictable moonbow everyfull moon at Cumberland Falls SRP in KY. I thought it was the only one in our hemisphere.

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