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Hit the Trail with Gucci?

The next time you need to hike to a black-tie affair, you can lace up a pair of Guccis. The Italian fashion label has taken a bold step with the introduction of these handsome leather boots.

I'll admit I like the green and red laces and white Vibram® soles. But I wonder if these would keep my feet dry after 4 hours of hiking in the rain. At about $800, they'd better offer a healthy dash of performance to complement all that style. Otherwise, I'll just stick with my 8-year-old REI Monarch III GTX boots, thank you very much.

REI has no plans to carry Gucci hiking boots but that doesn't mean we can't admire them for their looks. With that in mind, here's a question: What's the most aesthetically pleasing piece of outdoor clothing or gear you own?

(via Hypebeast )

Posted on at 12:41 PM

Tagged: Gucci, Hiking, boots and footwear

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Debi C

I received my Thermo ARC 6 waterproof Merrell Boots today and I think they are very cute and I love them! Wish Merrell would of made them this year too. Mine are the last of the 2010 models.

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Joe Joe Hiker

My North Face Belltown "6's are just as cool looking as these and I got them for less than an 8th of their price ;-)


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