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For This No-Entrance-Fee Weekend, Maybe the Grand Canyon is the Place to Be

The approaching Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 11-13, offers outdoor fans a nice opportunity to see some sights while saving a buck. No entrance fees will be charged at federal public lands (national parks, BLM land, Forest Service sites and other federal properties) during the 3-day span. For the record: Fees such as campground and tour fees will remain in effect.

While some parks are beyond their peak visitation season, other sites still have plenty of appeal outside of summer. Consider, for example, Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon hikingJill Robinson, a journalist and adventure seeker, was hosted by REI Adventures to experience the canyon. In a report published this week in The Washington Times Communities, Robinson describes what it's like to be among the few who venture beyond the rim.

"The Grand Canyon gets nearly 5 million visitors each year, most of which enjoy time peering over the south rim while they drive through the area, or stay briefly in the handful of hotels in Grand Canyon Village," Robinson writes. "Less than 1 percent of those visitors venture below the rim to see the details of the canyon more closely."

Her trip with REI involved 5 days of hiking and led her group to the bottom of the canyon. They hiked along the Colorado River, explored seldom-traveled trails and stayed at Phantom Ranch, the only lodging facility below the canyon rim.

Have you ventured below the rim? REI Adventures offers 5 different guided trips to the iconic park. Meanwhile, where will you explore this weekend?

Original post updated on 11/11 at 12:15 p.m.

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Went down the Boushea trail then across the Tonto Trail and up the Hermit Trail. Wonderful hike. Lot of fun

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