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Shopping for a GPS Receiver? New REI Video Explains the Basics

Handheld GPS receivers are popular tools, but using one correctly can be tricky if you're just starting out. This new REI Expert Advice video features REI Outdoor School instructor Steve Wood, who aims to demystify the use of a GPS by explaining a receiver's 4 basic functions.

Whether you're shopping for a handheld GPS receiver or are not fully grasping the one you already have, check out Steve's overview. A geocaching enthusiast from the San Francisco Bay Area, Steve has visited thousands of caches using his GPS receiver (see this article on how this fun activity literally changed his life).

For more details on handheld GPS receivers, see the full REI Expert Advice article on How to Choose a GPS Receiver

For advice on other outdoor gear and activities, browse the comprehensive REI Expert Advice library of articles and videos.


Posted on at 1:46 PM

Tagged: GPS, Geocaching, Hiking, REI Expert Advice, REI Outdoor School, Steve wood and video

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