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A Sight for Skywatching Eyes: The Northern Lights

All promotional videos should be this visually arresting. Check out this view of the aurora borealis, documented by a Finnish production company (Flatlight Films) to promote tourism in Finland. Looks chilly but beautiful. Persuasive stuff.

Solar activity in late September caused a spike in aurora activity. To monitor such activity in America's most aurora-friendly state, check out this forecast site maintained by the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

When was the last time you observed the Northern Lights with your own eyes? What affect did that experience have on you?

Posted on at 2:14 PM

Tagged: aurora borealis, northern lights and video

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PCT Hiker Cisco

Terry ....As an avid amateur astronomer, I was looking for aurora as I hiked in northern Washington this summer. Not much luck, guess I need to find a trail in Finland! I made it to the Canadian Border Sept 18th, after about 1400 miles. Nice article on the new PCT bridge, glad to have met you on the trail. ....Cisco

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T.D. Wood Staff Member

Howdy, Cisco. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words, and a tip of the sun-shielding hat to you for completing your journey. I've seen the Northern Lights in Washington just once, a decade ago while camped on the north slopes of Mount Baker. Quite a surreal experience. Congrats to you again for making it to Canada. That's no small stroll from Lake Tahoe. Way to go.

Love the Snow

I saw aurora in Reykjavik in 2002. It was amazing. My whole weekend in Iceland was amazing. I was at the Iceland Airwaves music festival. Left one of the concerts in the wee hours of the morning and came across a small crowd of people standing and staring at the sky. So I stopped and looked too. It was so much brighter and, just, more than I've ever seen of aurora in NY. I think we're just a bit too far south to really see it in NY. I'd love to visit Iceland again someday... or Finland!


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