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      A Little Natural Wonder for Your Weekend: A Pair of Splendid Videos

      To embellish your weekend state of mind, we offer a couple of eye-popping outdoor/nature videos that have been getting wide circulation on the web this week. In case you missed either one (which would be a pity), here you go:

      From Arizona-based photographer/videographer Dustin Farrell, Landscapes: Volume 2

      …and an outtake from the brainy TED Talks series (TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design), a visual tale of birds, bees, bats and butterflies titled The Beauty of Pollination

      Like, wow. I think I'll spend some time outdoors this weekend. You, too?

      Below: A scenic location from Landscapes, Volume 2:

      Posted on at 6:22 PM

      Tagged: Dustin Ferrell, TED, landscapes, pollination and video

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      Stunning. A picture is worth 1000 words, I'd say that each frame from these videos is worth 1000 words, so that makes.....a lot of words. I'm not sure that even that many words could capture the beauty

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