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Photo Album: Zion National Park

Aug. 25 marks the 95th anniversary of the National Park Service, and I raise my water bottle to honor the date. To properly note the occasion, I also offer a little photo album of my 2-week visit to Zion National Park earlier this month. What an awesome, awesome place.  Why, I asked myself several times while wandering its canyons and high country, did I allow more than 20 years to elapse between visits?

Take a look.  Maybe you'll be inspired to make a Zion visit yourself someday soon.  For best viewing, click the full-screen icon in the lower right corner of the preview panel. To see brief captions for each photo, click the "show info" link in the upper-right corner of the full-screen view. You can also view another collection of photos I recently posted after a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park.  That Colorado Plateau; what an incredible corner of the planet.

What park do you hope to visit in the weeks and months ahead? If exploring Zion seems appealx to you, one option is to see it on an REI Adventures trip. REI's travel service offers a popular hiking excurison that involves both Zion and Bryce Canyon. REI Adventures also visits both parks with a cycling trip and a New Year's hiking/snowshoeing journey into winter scenery.

Posted on at 11:36 AM

Tagged: Zion National Park and national parks

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Love your album. Angels Landing was one of our favorite moments, though breathtaking and scary at times. Hope to go back someday. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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