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Give Back This Weekend on National Public Lands Day

REI stores across the U.S. are teaming with local nonprofits and community volunteers to celebrate National Public Lands Day (NPLD) this Saturday, September 24. NPLD is the nation's largest one-day volunteer event in support of public lands, touting more than 2,000 projects and more than 175,000 volunteers.

National Public Lands Day logoTo join REI in giving back, find an NPLD event in your area by visiting the "Classes & Events" section of your local store page. If you do not live near an REI store or your local store is not featuring an NPLD event, find volunteer projects across the country at or

The National Park Service declared NPLD as one of its fee-free weekends to encourage additional visits to our national parks. As an added bonus, each volunteer who participates in a NPLD event at a National Park Service site will receive free-entry plus a coupon for a free return visit.

And if you are planning to volunteer this year, remember your camera! REI is sponsoring the 11th annual NPLD Volunteers in Action Photo Contest with great gear and apparel awarded to 3 winning photographers.

Get outside, give back and have some fun this weekend!

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Friends of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is holding its annual meeting on Public Lands Day. Part of our celebration will include receiving a check for $10,000 from REI--a grant for a program that will, among other things, encourage our members to be more involved in and knowledgeable about restoration at the refuge. Our members will have a choice of 4 outdoor options as the program for our annual meeting this year, including whacking back some invasives that threaten a planting of native trees.

Thank you REI for partnering with us for these important projects!

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Cool! My fiance (a past REI employee) and I participated in a project for National Public Lands Day and wrote about it here:


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