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What Do You Love Most about Fall Hiking?

In a recent poll, REI Facebook followers judged that autumn (in an upset over heavily favored summer) is your favorite season of the year. Well, don't look now, but fall is just a few weeks away on the calendar.

What makes fall such a great time of year for hiking? My own list looks like this:
• Spectacular foliage: Some areas of the country put on an amazing display of fiery reds, oranges and yellows. Other areas are more subtle, but still good. Don't forget your camera!
• Fewer crowds: Once school is in session, busy campgrounds and trails tend to thin out fast.
• Fewer bugs: Bedeviled by pesky insects in summer? Fall is a much better bet for slap-free hiking.
• Comfortable temperatures: Summer, especially in the South and the desert Southwest, can be just too darn hot to hike. Fall temps are a lot more pleasant.

Fall colorsTo help you get out more this upcoming season, the REI Blog will be highlighting a few of REI staff members' favorite fall hikes over the next couple of months. In addition, you can search REI Guidepost at any time for additional hiking opportunities near you.

Need gear? is launching its Keep Hiking page to showcase some of the more popular items for the season.

Where are your favorite autumn hikes? And do you have any insider tips to share about these places?

Posted on at 8:07 PM

Tagged: Autumn, Fall, Hiking and backpacking

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Ken K

Another reason to love fall this year: Lofty alpine trails in the western US might finally be free of the lingering snowpack.

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Maggsamillion Hikes

Fall mixes its own music
As leaves and sticks crunch with each step on my path
And winds howl tunes unfamiliar to summertime.
Crimson and copper hues flicker atop mountain streams
And weave my hikes into a tapestry of flaming desire.
Fall is lovertime.


I love hiking/ camping in the UP of Michigan around the first two weeks of October. It's cold at night for a campfire, warm in the day for a hike, and the colors are spectacular.


Hiking in the fall seems to be a much quieter time. Summer is boisterous, bursting with activity. Autumn brings peace and contemplation and BLUEBERRIES!


...and golden larches! Can't forget the larches!


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