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REI CarniVelo Recap: What about Bicycles Makes You Smile?

Another year, another bit of bicycle awesome rocked here on REI's headquarters campus in Kent, Wash., as our CarniVelo event popped (big) tops for its 3rd year running.

A big focus was on bike advocacy, with 3 of our regional bike groups represented—Bicycle Alliance of Washington, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Cascade Bicycle Club—each talking up their advocacy efforts, membership offerings and generally demonstrating their awesomeness as people. Chapeau!

REI CarniVelo ring tossA DJ kept the heads bobbin' and toes tapping, a chainring toss game proved challenging (dang you seatpost, you looked so easy to get!), a screen printing setup adorned shirts aplenty with bike graphics and the photo contest offered a fascinating look the wide-ranging perspective many of us have about life on/around/thinking of/riding bikes. The sun even came out! Nice one, sun, nice one.

Several brands showed up, too, including Pedro's, Saris/Cycle Ops and Topeak, all showcasing their offerings. Our REI Adventures group offered info on their bike vacations and outings, plus current and potential bike commuters had the chance to check out routes to our campus and chat all things bike commuting.

REI CarniVelo bike commute mapAnd of course, the bike show. I will never tire of looking at bikes. The show did double-duty, showcasing our Novara line of bikes, including the upcoming (and rad) Gotham, Transfer One, Torero 29, Intrepid 29 and the Zipper balance bike. Then there was the always-impressive tastes of our employees, who exhibited their own cruisers, vintage bikes, touring bikes and pretty much the whole gamut of 2-wheeled sweetness. We also got a glimpse of the full range of Novara clothing and packs, panniers and bags.

At the end of the day, it's just a nice, warm-fuzzy feeling to see so many people taking an interest in bikes, on all levels, and seeing first-hand the efforts of our regional advocacy groups coming to fruition and being able to support them. Cycling culture is strong here. That makes me smile. And want to give a high-five (watch the elbow!).

Here are some more photos from this year's CarniVelo:

One plush bike seat

That's one plush bike seat!

More vintage bike sweetness

More vintage bike sweetness.

The rad new Novara Gotham bike

The new Novara Gotham bike has belt drive.

Art gallery at REI CarniVelo

Photo gallery at REI CarniVelo event.

Lots of bikes on display

Lots of bikes were on display at REI CarniVelo.




Posted on at 2:03 PM

Tagged: CarniVelo, Novara, bicycle, bike commuting, bike culture and rei

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nick outdoors

May we please have more photos of the Torero 29 and Intrepid 29.

Looks like Rockshox, SRAM, and hydraulic brakes on the Intrepid.

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Genetic Staff Member

+1 More photos of the Torero and Intrepid please. Any external bearings on the way?


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